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GIGABYTE G27QC 27″ 165Hz 1440P Curved Gaming Monitor Review

GIGABYTE G27QC 27″ was one of the very first 1440p, 165Hz monitors with a curved VA panel.  The curved screen is good for peripheral vision, especially when sitting up close. VA stands for vertical alignment and is a type of LED  panel display technology.  The 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time ensure that gameplay is smooth and responsive. You can enable both FreeSync and G-Sync so that screen tearing is kept to a minimum and it’s easy to set up with another monitor.

When building a PC, a monitor is often being underestimated. But the truth is that it brings out the best performance of PC components. And you’ll need this, especially for a gaming PC. Some of the most notable features of this monitor:

  • Superfast – 1ms response
  • QHD with 165Hz – High resolution and fast refresh rate
  • GIGABYTE OSD Sidekick – allows you to set the display options with keyboard and mouse, giving you the easiest way to adjust monitor settings

GIGABYTE-G27QC ReviewOther great features of this monitor:

  • Black Equalizer – allows you to have more details of the dark side without overexposing the bright side at the same time
  • 1500mm curve radius – it’s not an extreme value, but you can get a taste of what the curve might add to the gaming experience
  • The dashboard – reveals your real-time hardware information including CPU voltages, clock speed, temperatures, etc.; the best part is that it won’t be blocked by any games
  • Auto-Update – you can effortlessly enjoy the finest gaming experience with features GIGABYTE continues to develop and upgrade
  • USB hub
  • Height-adjustable stand 
  • Display alignment  – facilitates the multi-display setup

Tips and recommendations

  • your  PC has to be able to power the 165 MHz refresh rate
  • make sure that GIGABYTE G27QC can hold the GPU performance of your graphic card very well, to avoid screen tearing and various other shuttering issues
  • if you have Nvidia Graphic Card,  use G-sync and if you have AMD Graphics Card go with FreeSync

In summary, GIGABYTE G27QC’s 27″ and 1440p display will produce a fantastic image and a 1ms response time combined with a 165Hz refresh rate will give you a fluid gaming experience.  You need to match your gaming PC performance capabilities with the GIGABYTE G27QC monitor. However, if you’re sensitive to screen tearing or ghosting, we recommend choosing an IPS monitor.

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